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Switch / Privacy Glass

Privacy at the flick of a switch.

By simply applying a PET film containing a liquid crystal polymer, the visual appearance of the glass can be changed from opaque to clear when an electrical current is activated. A simple ON-OFF mode switch can provide privacy or transparency depending on your requirement.


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Switch glass or privacy glass is a groundbreaking product that enables instant and precise privacy control of glass at the flick of a switch. The laminated glass changes from opaque to transparent when a low electrical current is applied to the liquid crystal interlayer encapsulated between two 5mm glass sheets. This visual change takes place in less than a second and allows domestic or commercial property owners a choice from crystal clear vision or complete privacy whenever necessary.Architects and designers can use this product to create minimalistic interiors without the need for blinds.  Dramatic design statements can be created for reception areas or locations where a high impact impression is needed.  In areas such as hospitals, Switch glass can enhance hygiene measures and expel the need for curtains or blinds. With no height restrictions the versatility of this product is endless.

Applications include

   Conference / office & board rooms
   Sliding folding doors
   Privacy Screens in Hospitals
   Vision panels
   Entrance Foyers and Reception areas
   Retail and showroom areas

It can also be used as a High Definition rear or front projection screen making it ideal in the boardroom environment.




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