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Single Glazed Partitioning

We offer a survey, supply and install service for all our glass wall systems.

Single glazed partitioning allows light to
flood through the workplace to create an atmosphere of space, yet effectively
provides shielded office zones where
concentration and creativity may flourish.




Single Glazed partitioning is designed with the minimum of components, thus facilitating speed of installation without compromising strength and rigidity. It is a virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three way junctions. Single glazing offers an aesthetically modern design, either as full glass partitioning system or integrated with drywall, to provide a mixture of drywall and glass.

Key Features

   Acoustic performance options up to 37dB
   Overall width of standard head and base track 24mm
   Fire performance options available
   Silicone joint or C-channel dry joint
   Seamless integration into drywall option
   Fully relocatable
   Variety of head and base tracks
   Glass options; Toughened, laminated, fire rated, acoustic
   Door Options; Frameless glass, framed glass, sliding glass, wood flush




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