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Fire Rated Glass Systems

We can supply and install 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated systems. All our fire rated glass products are tested and certified. Systems can be supplied either as a framed or frameless option with a choice of door options from glass, in an aluminium frame, to timber in a timber frame. Depending on the glass combinations used, it can provide up to 48dB (Rw) sound performance.




We offer a clear fire-resistant glass well suited for internal partitioning applications. We achieve full thermal insulation by providing basic integrity performance (forming a resilient barrier to fl ames, hot gases and smoke) and effectively blocking heat transfer to the protected, safe side of a fire screen.

Key Features

  Premium brand with international recognition
  Insulation against transfer of heat for standard test times ranging from 30 to 120 minutes
  Designed for use in escape and emergency exits as well as for use in compartmentation walls
  Tested and approved by fire test laboratories
  Wide range of applications combining additional functional properties where required
  Low iron glass where appropriate for enhanced visual clarity





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