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Our finance partner specialises in arranging affordable finance arrangements for customers refurbishing their working environments. They are the UK's market leader in this particular area with over 20 years experience. Many businesses have chosen to arrange the leasing of their fit-out projects, to enable them to budget more efficiently and manage their cash flow effectively.

Our finance partner will work with you to achieve the most cost effective and tax efficient way of financing a brand new office environment, offering the following specific benefits:

It can be cheaper than paying cash!
If you pay for the furniture and refurbishment of your building from your cashflow, only a limited percentage is allowable for tax purposes. Because of the 'intangible' elements, the Revenue only allows you to claim capital allowances against approximately 60% of the project. However, if you lease the works, the repayments are 100% allowable unlike any other form of finance such as a bank loan. This 100% allowance on payments makes leasing the most tax efficient method of refurbishing a building.
Overcome budget limitations
Make the most of your budget by spreading the cost over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years and acquire the solution that meets your needs fully, rather than that which your budget dictates. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually, from your Revenue Budget, to suit you.
Ease cashflow
Take the strain off your cashflow and budget for one easy fixed cost for your total requirements. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your business.
Finance everything, flexibility to add to the lease
You can include all different types of equipment on one lease schedule. In addition, if your requirements change during the period of the lease you can add to the agreement at any time.
Preserve borrowing power
Other lines of credit from your bank or other finance houses remain intact for other credit needs. In addition, leasing can ease the strain on your working capital and provide finance with no deposit therefore leaving you with more reserves to invest in profit making activities. In addition to which, leasing is far more cost effective than bank borrowing as loan payments do not attract 100% allowances.

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